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Beaute Pacifique - Body Lotion Dry Skin 200ml incl. Pump
A super potent moisturising and anti-ageing body lotion, which has been proven to increase the skin’..
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Beaute Pacifique - Cleansing Foam 150ml
Designed for all skin types. Designed for people who like the fresh feeling of a foam cleanser that ..
Beaute Pacifique - Cleansing Milk Dry Skin 200ml incl. Pump
Fine emulsion which cleanses gently without drying the skin. Use morning and evening to remove make-..
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Beaute Pacifique - Crème Metamorphique Anti-Wrinkle Crème 50ml
This patented crème is a “must-have” daily aid for everybody above the age of 25 years who wish to d..
Beaute Pacifique - Créme Paradox 50ml
A super potent anti-aging day crème with vitamin A esters and two highly active ingredients – Procya..
Beaute Pacifique - Deep Pore Cleansing Mask 50ml
Can be used by normal, combination and oily skins to absorb and release all excessive oily substance..
Beaute Pacifique - Defy Damage Serum 40ml
An extremely light textured extra potent anti-ageing serum suitable for all skin types, that reduces..
Beaute Pacifique - Enriched Moisturiser All Skin Tube 50ml
An intensive and long lasting moisturising crème, dedicated specifically for all skin types especial..
Beaute Pacifique - Enriched Toner All Skin Types 200ml
The alcohol in this toner has disinfecting properties and leaves the skin feeling fresh. Excessive o..
Beaute Pacifique - Enriched Toner Dry Skin 200ml incl. Pump
A light alcohol free toner with an enriched creamy texture. Leaves the skin feeling softer, smoother..
Beaute Pacifique - Gentle Facial Exfoliator 100ml
Circular jojoba beads work gently to exfoliate the skin leaving a smooth, more refined texture, whil..
Beaute Pacifique - Instant Hydrating Mask 100ml
A rich gel crème mask which pampers dull and dry skin and recovers lost moisture balance in the skin..
Beaute Pacifique - Line Combat Fluid 15ml
A light fluid which fights expression lines by relaxation of the facial muscles responsible for line..
Beaute Pacifique - Oil Free Lotion 40ml
A light alcohol free toner with an enriched creamy texture. Leaves the skin feeling softer, smoother..
Beaute Pacifique - Puffy  Eye Gel 15ml
This gel firms and tightens puffiness around the eyes, penetrating deeply to improve drainage and pr..
Based on 1 reviews.
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